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Have you ever experienced the sensation of food being stuck either in your throat or your esophagus? It's not fun and it's been happening to me for a few years. Finally, I have a diagnosis - food allergies causing inflammation of my esophagus. There is an actual medical diagnosis for it, but let's just stick with food allergy inflammation.

Now, not only do I have to undergo food and environmental testing, I get to have scopes and biopsies taken of my esophagus every 6 months! Who's excited?!😶

What is exciting for me is that EPICURE makes everything Gluten free, nut free and I can pick a variety of meal solutions that can be egg and dairy free as well. Now that excites me!!🎉

I'm sure glad EPICURE is gluten free, nut free, salt and sugar conscious. Getting ready for food allergy testing tomorrow to figure out the cause of the inflammation in my esophagus.

February 28, 2023 · joined the group along with irishgirl6365.

Epicure Promise

Our products are triple tested to ensure they are 100% gluten free. Epicure is a peanut-free facility. We are sugar and sodium conscious. Many products are Kosher Check or Halal certified.

Over 85% of our products are Non-GMO Project Verified and the list is still growing! Epicure globally sources only non-irradiated ingredients. You won’t find things like high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial colours, and gluten in any of our products. Our recipes utilize whole, real foods, not processed alternatives, and many products are low or no-sodium.


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