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Cindy's Cooking Chateau

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Have you ever experienced the sensation of food being stuck either in your throat or your esophagus? It's not fun and it's been happening to me for a few years. Finally, I have a diagnosis - food allergies causing inflammation of my esophagus. There is an actual medical diagnosis for it, but let's just stick with food allergy inflammation.

Now, not only do I have to undergo food and environmental testing, I get to have scopes and biopsies taken of my esophagus every 6 months! Who's excited?!😶

What is exciting for me is that EPICURE makes everything Gluten free, nut free and I can pick a variety of meal solutions that can be egg and dairy free as well. Now that excites me!!🎉


Welcome to the group! We are going to share mealtime solutio...
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